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It's a "win-win-win" kind of thing.

01. what is it?

It means the world to us that you love what we do and would want to share it with your friends and family. To share the love, we thought we'd extend an offer to you, the person sharing about Kind Sign Co, and to your nearest and dearest, the people who heard about us from you.

want to get in on the offer?

02. how it works

You talk about kind sign co.

They book signs.

You both get $50.

Talk about how you found this awesome sign rental company at your family dinner, over drinks with your engaged friends, or in a raving review post in a Wedding Facebook group. Just spread the word!

They decide to book with us and give us your name in the rental request form. Easy peasy. 

When they book, we give them $50 off of their total rental* as a welcome gift and send you $50 back** as a thank you for helping support our small business... yes, really. 

*$50 off new bookings will be given if the new booking is over $200. If the new booking is under $200 they will instead receive 25% off the new booking.
**$50 will be given back to the referrer if their existing booking is over $200. If the referrers existing booking is under $200 they will instead receive 25% of their existing booking back.